Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Helena MercerHelena Mercer
Patient instructor
Jackie is so lovely to be taught by. She's really patient and has loads of individual methods adapted for you as the learner to help you overcome tricky concepts and test anxiety! I have really enjoyed my lessons with Jackie since she's so easy to chat to and is such a good teacher. Thank you so much for helping me pass!

Sarah AllenSarah Allen
Passed on 2nd attempt
I have just passed my driving test! 🎉 I could never have done it without Jackie! She was always incredibly patient and reassuring, giving me all the time I needed to work through my anxiety and fear. Talking me through issues and giving me a plan for the next lessons so I wouldn't worry about the unknown throughout the week. Passing me tissues when I got frustrated at myself and laughing at my terrible jokes! Jackie made learning to drive enjoyable, and although I am excited about my pass, I will be sad not to see her on a Saturday morning anymore! Thank you so much Jackie!! 🤩

Rebecca WhiteRebecca White
Passed 1st Time
I began driving lessons with Jackie at the end of 2023 and 6 months later I passed first time. Jackie was a brilliant instructor and a pleasure to spend time with. She is patient and understanding and great at explaining things in detail. I loved the structured style of the lessons, each having an objective at the beginning and then reflecting at the end. I took my driving test at the same time as organising moving house and starting a new job, but because of Jackie I never felt stressed during my lessons. I would recommend Jackie to anyone wanting to start their journey with driving.

Shellby BucklandShellby Buckland
Brilliant instructor
I started lessons with Jackie in November 2023. I had previously had a lot of lessons with another instructor, but after failing two driving tests my confidence was shattered. When I started lessons with Jackie I had just found out I was pregnant again, and so our aim was for me to hopefully pass the test before I had baby. From my very first lesson with Jackie I felt comfortable in her company, she always greeted me with a big smile at the start of every lesson and I enjoyed every lesson I had with her. Rather than making me feel like a failure when I made a mistake, Jackie treated is as a learning curve and never made me feel bad for any mistakes I made. Jackie's style of teaching suited me really well, focusing on one area at a time eg: roundabouts, perfecting that skill before moving on to another. I was extremely nervous using roundabouts and doing uphill starts, however, by the end of my lessons with Jackie I felt much more confident in these areas. Due to having other children at home, I did run into childcare issues towards the end of my lessons with Jackie, but she always tried to rearrange lessons where possible. I was booked in to do a test in April, however me and Jackie both felt I wasn't ready, so the test was pushed back which gave us more time to practise areas where I was less confident. I always felt that Jackie cared about our lessons together and cared about making me a safe and responsible driver. I finally passed my test in May 2024, three days before my due date and I couldn't be happier! I would recommend Jackie to everyone. She is a brilliant driving instructor, always polite, kind and friendly, and always knew when I needed to stop for a breather! I will miss our lessons together. Thank you Jackie :-)

Megan OharaMegan Ohara
Passed 1st Time
I had the most pleasant time learning with Jackie. I started lessons with her after doing a few lessons previously with a different company, however my nerves got in the way so I stopped. I then started lessons with Jackie a few months later with no confidence when it came to driving, and still very anxious when it came to driving. Immediately Jackie put me at ease and helped me slowly gain my confidence back. She provided helpful resources (driving book, websites to look at) and if I had any questions she was always more than happy to answer them until I fully understood. I am now very confident on the road and genuinely enjoy driving. She was an incredible instructor who I am so grateful for, and we also had great chats and conversations when driving! She made what used to be a very anxious and nerve wracking experience into a pleasant one. Thank you Jackie!

Susanna HuntSusanna Hunt
Passed 1st time in own car
A massive thanks to Jackie for being an amazing instructor and helping me greatly to pass my test first time. Jackie's lessons were very thorough and provided me with all the tools and knowledge I needed to pass the test, and more importantly to be a safe driver on the roads. Jackie was very informative and she is always more than ready to help, giving great, clear advice in all areas of driving. I would highly recommend her!

Layla WildingLayla Wilding
Passed 1st Time
Jackie was extremely calm, patient and understanding. She was very knowledgeable in helping me prepare for both my theory and practical tests to a high standard. I found Jackie to be very organised and supportive, and I was very pleased to pass my test first time after only 6 months of lessons. I would highly recommend Jackie to anyone.

Tilly LawsTilly Laws
Excellent instructor
Jackie is an excellent instructor. I started lessons in late September and achieved my driving licence by March. I found our lessons very well structured and organised. We reviewed every lesson, making a plan for the next. As a new driver I made lots of mistakes, Jackie always remained calm and reassuring, looking for ways I could learn from mistakes on the road. I will definitely recommend Jackie to friends and family! Thank you for a great learning experience Jackie.

Ben ReasonBen Reason
With previous instructors, I struggled
Throughout my life I never thought I was going to take up driving, however, I ended up finding myself in a position where obtaining a licence was a requirement to advance my career. With previous instructors, I struggled to get a grip with driving due to anxiety. Jackie has been truly outstanding and always made me feel as if I would inevitably get over my self-doubts. Her lessons were always tailored around the skills that we both felt that I had to work on, which always made me feel as if I was strongly progressing during and after each lesson. She also gave me highly beneficial advice on how to prepare for my practical test, such as watching YouTube videos of busy roundabouts which allowed me practice at identifying instances in which it would be safe to emerge onto one. The LDC workbook was also very useful. Once again, a huge thank you to Jackie, and I will be seeking further guidance from her on how to safely navigate motorways!

Chloe ArmenerChloe Armener
Passed on 2nd attempt
Jackie is a great driving instructor. Being new to driving I started by booking a course of a few lessons to see how I got on with Jackie and driving in general. She was patient, understanding and great at explaining things, so I decided to go ahead and book a semi intensive course, which I started in early January. The week was productive and enjoyable and there was no pressure to go ahead with the test I had booked for a couple of weeks after that. Jackie always reassured me and if I wasn’t ready it wasn’t a problem. I felt ready but unfortunately failed first time, but re took my test shortly after and passed! Jackie managed to continue lessons with me until my next test and made sure all areas of concern were covered but also did this in a limited time! I would recommend Jackie to anyone! Thanks again Jackie 😊

Sonny Parsons-NaharSonny Parsons-Nahar
Patient, with a great sense of humour
Jackie was very helpful and got me a first time pass. She was patient, with a great sense of humour. I found it a pleasure to learn with her. I would highly recommend Jackie to any new/learner driver. I found the LDC resources given to be very useful as they helped me to both learn and track my progress throughout.

Eleanor BoltonEleanor Bolton
Brilliant instructor
Jackie was a brilliant instructor in getting me used to the area and ready to pass my test. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you Jackie! I'm so grateful you've got her through it. From Eleanor's very happy Mum!

Tom CoomberTom Coomber
Excellent instructor
Jackie was an excellent instructor and I really enjoyed my lessons with her. She provided a pressure free environment whilst still giving important information. After each lesson I left with a feeling of improvement and I always looked forward to the next lesson. I would recommend Jackie to anyone who wanted quality teaching, combined with a thoroughly enjoyable driving experience.

Emily PadghamEmily Padgham
Jackie is a lovely person
Jackie has been fantastic. She has been very supportive and understanding whilst I've built my confidence to learn to drive. She is very professional and knowledgeable and knows the local area well. I especially liked the printed resources and satellite views she uses as teaching tools as this really helped me to visualise the routes and make safe decisions. It has been lovely getting to know Jackie. She is a lovely person and was the most significant part in helping me pass my test. I found the LDC workbook and videos hugely helpful as I liked being able to pre read the lesson topics and revise them in my own time to support my lessons. I would highly recommend Jackie to anyone else looking to learn to drive in the Eastbourne area. Jackie helped to calm my nerves and to prepare me for all scenarios that could occur in my test and when driving afterwards. I found her lesson structures and supportive nature a fantastic combination. I wish her and her students all the best in the future.

Kat WailesKat Wailes
Supportive instructor
Jackie has been an incredible driving instructor throughout the ups and downs of the last few months! She always ensured that I was comfortable and prepared for the lessons and test. Jackie provided positive, constructive feedback from mistakes and achievements to ensure I understood and learnt along the way. I really struggled with test anxiety but she was so supportive, patient and understanding, helping me to stay motivated. She thought creatively and helped come up with strategies and small changes to achieve my goal. She helped me to view my challenges with the test as a learning opportunity and I am very grateful to have had her teach me.

Emma CoomberEmma Coomber
Calm and patient instructor
Jackie is the best instructor I have had. Very calm and patient but willing to push me outside of my comfort zone. I have tried driving lessons in the past with other instructors and spent a long time learning without getting anywhere. This time around I knew I needed a semi intensive lesson plan which Jackie was able to offer, and was able to pass within 7 months! I found it useful to set goals as we went, tick them off and write about my progress in the workbook provided. I would definitely recommend Jackie to anybody.

Bryony FrisbyBryony Frisby
Passed 1st Time
I can't praise Jackie enough for the fantastic job she's done over the past few years teaching both of my daughters how to drive. Jackie's dedication to her students and her enthusiasm for teaching are truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend Jackie to anyone in search of a driving instructor; in fact I've already passed her details on to several people. Jackie's professionalism is second to none. She's consistently friendly, approachable and reliable. Her encouraging and honest approach to teaching makes her an exceptional instructor. Jackie's patience and kindness are especially appreciated by students who struggle with confidence. Jackie makes a point of ensuring her students don't rush into taking their test until they're ready. She ensures they are fully prepared and comfortable behind the wheel. Jackie's commitment to her students' success sets her apart, and I am grateful for the guidance and support she has provided to my daughters on their journey to becoming confident and responsible drivers. Thank you!

Ethan Tasker-TaylorEthan Tasker-Taylor
Passed 1st Time
When I first started lessons, I was really nervous about getting in the car and driving about. However after a few weeks I was no longer nervous but excited to be out driving. Jackie was very patient and kind with me which helped with my nerves. She would always tell me what to improve on and what the plan was for the next lesson so I would be ready for what was to come. The LDC workbook was very helpful especially with the show me/tell me questions and the small quizzes in each section. This really helped leading up to my practical test. When doing my theory test, the LDC online portal was helpful as it gave me an idea of what to expect.

Charlotte WellsCharlotte Wells
Passed 1st Time
I found the LDC workbook to be very useful when I initially started driving again to go over the basics and help make me feel less nervous for upcoming lessons. The section with the show me/tell me questions was also great in the lead up to my practical test. The LDC online portal for theory test practising was very helpful and I definitely credit it for managing to pass first time. My instructor Jackie H was amazing. I was very nervous to begin lessons but she was very friendly and patient, and after a few weeks I was looking forward to lessons. She explained things very clearly verbally and using the workbook, and at the end of each lesson we would review and plan what we'd work on next, so I always knew what to expect.

Rhianna CoxRhianna Cox
Passed 1st Time
Jackie has been very supportive and reassuring during my time learning to drive. She is patient and understanding and helped me build my confidence throughout my lessons. The LDC workbook was really helpful for going over things I had learnt in previous lessons. Thank you Jackie!

Tobias LloydTobias Lloyd
Passed 1st Time
Jackie has been an incredibly good driving instructor through all of my lessons right up until the test. She is always calm and makes you feel at ease during lessons giving clear directions and instructions with concise and informative explanations for the different aspects of driving. Having started to learn whilst at uni, Jackie was more than happy to fit my lessons around uni holidays and make sure I was ready for test day. Thank you again for being such an amazing driving instructor!

Maddy GowardMaddy Goward
Passed 1st Time
I'm so grateful to Jackie for giving me the skills and confidence to pass my test first time! Jackie was reliable and professional, and it was a pleasure to spend time in the car with her.

Chailey StoweChailey Stowe
Passed on 2nd attempt
From day one Jackie was always very supportive and reassuring. Obviously being a new driver I made plenty of mistakes, but she was always very patient and took every minute of every lesson as an opportunity to help me learn and improve. I was very fond of our lessons and will miss them greatly, as not only were they really informative, but fun as well! Thank you Jackie for such a wonderful learning experience, teaching always with a smile. I would definitely recommend Jackie to any friends or family!

Kayleigh FifieldKayleigh Fifield
Passed 1st Time
Would highly recommend Jackie as a driving instructor! Jackie is calm, understanding and makes you feel at ease when in the car with her. After lessons I always felt like I had achieved something. In lessons she would explain things clearly so that I understood and would go through at the end how I could improve and what had gone well. Jackie was always accommodating and went out of her way to make sure that I had an extra lesson before test day to go through things and made sure that I was confident in what I was doing. Jackie was always happy to answer any questions that I had and was very reassuring and patient throughout lessons and on test day! Nothing is too much trouble and I will forever be grateful to Jackie for all her help and guidance and for her believing in me more than I did myself! From someone who was driving up and down the same road for 9 lessons with a previous driving instructor, to Jackie taking me under her wing and helping me gain the skills and confidence to pass my test first time - I will always be grateful! Jackie was also very helpful with theory test prep, the LD website where you can practice the questions and Hazard Perception videos was particularly helpful and if I ever had any questions regarding these Jackie would always help! Thank you again Jackie, you're the best!

Sumit ShresthaSumit Shrestha
Supportive and motivating
After a long break from lessons, I contacted Jackie to complete the test booster course. She was very friendly, organised and always provided honest feedback throughout the entire process - from the initial assessment drive to test day! Jackie’s lessons always made me comfortable and more confident in my driving after every lesson. The LDC workbook was easy to understand and very helpful as Jackie integrated it well with the lessons to prepare and consolidate topics. She recommended reading through the next lesson’s topic and we went through the targets in the book at the end of every lesson. This made me feel prepared that we had comprehensively covered all of the topics well before my test day. On the test day, Jackie was very supportive and motivating to calm the pre-test nerves! We recapped the manoeuvres and she reminded me of the rare things which could happen in the test (and they did!). After completing the course and my test, I feel confident in recognising hazards (and avoiding potholes!) to safely drive on the road. I would recommend Jackie to learner drivers who are looking for a friendly, organised and supportive instructor!

Oliver BlayOliver Blay
Passed 1st Time
My instructor was very easy to talk with and friendly, as well as clear with instructions and methods. There are no clear negatives that come to mind. The LDC workbook, videos, and methods of learning were helpful towards theory and practical tests, however the book can be difficult to grasp immediately at times due to the large amount of information included. The Theory Test preparation resources were exceptionally helpful.

Toby SkinnerToby Skinner
Passed 1st Time
Instructor Review - Jackie was the perfect driving instructor for me, not only did she teach me to drive but she also made the lessons enjoyable and (mostly) fun, I really looked forward to them and will miss our weekly chats whilst driving along Eastbourne seafront or navigating the numerous roundabouts and back roads to Pevensey and back. Jackie was always able to answer any questions I had about any aspect of driving and was very consistent in her approach which helped hugely as we built up the lessons. Any time I was nervous about a specific manoeuvre (i.e. slip road onto a dual carriageway, traffic lights on steep hills, crazy roundabouts) Jackie was able to offer me multiple ways forward, we usually wound up just doing it but I appreciated there was no pressure at any time. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to do a Pass Plus scheme with Jackie in the near future. LD System & LD Theory Test Preparation Review - The LD system suited my approach to learning perfectly. As soon as I saw the course diagram laying out a very methodical approach I knew this would work well for me. At any time I was able focus as much as I needed to on a specific topic and keep track of everything through the workbook and website. Seeing how everything built up on top of each other at the start also really helped me to understand the importance of the early lessons on control skills. When it came to mock theory, the website was super useful, I worked through all the different sections and was able to repeat each mock test until I felt confident to take the theory. I couldn't have asked for a better set of companion tools when learning to drive.

Lauren GravesLauren Graves
Excellent instructor
I thought that my instructor was excellent. She worked with me to ensure that my lessons were always at a time that worked, that we covered a lot in each lesson and that I progressed in the correct stages. For me I found the LDC workbook very useful whilst learning the theory behind each component. Having the checklist was a good way to see what I had covered and what I still had left to do. I didn't use the DVD as I had no way of playing it. Overall I am very glad that I used this company and had Jackie as my instructor, as now having passed my test I feel in a position where I am confident and safe. Never at any point did I feel in danger whilst driving as Jackie always made sure I was confident in trying something out. Before starting to learn I was worried about it as people had shared bad stories of their lessons, but I couldn't recommend Jackie more to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Alban KrasniqiAlban Krasniqi
Passed 1st Time
Jackie Hewess helped me pass! Jackie has a very clear and relaxed approach to lessons which helps set a calm environment for learning how to drive stress free. I have already recommended her to friends and family, I couldn't be more grateful for her help!

Ruby ByrneRuby Byrne
Passed 1st Time
Jackie was always professional and on time. She was very helpful and did a wonderful job teaching me how to drive. The LDC workbook was also very good.

Kalyan ErraguntlaKalyan Erraguntla
Excellent driving instructor
Jackie has been an excellent driving instructor. She actively trained and helped me in my lacking areas, throughout the syllabus and with mock tests. She helped me to understand where I needed improvements in my driving. She has been calm yet alert whenever I made mistakes. I am so pleased to have worked with her. I was really impressed with the way she taught me the lessons by tailoring them to my needs. She was always on time. Jackie was very supportive and as a foreign driver, I couldn't have wished for better preparation. I strongly recommend her to everyone who wishes to get training to learn to drive or to have refresher lessons. The LDC training material was so helpful. I used most of the materials for my theory test preparation. The driving workbook was helpful to understand concepts faster. The LDC workbook was the best learning material I have ever referred to.

Oliver Nazer
Refresher lessons
I had refresher lessons with Jackie, on the recommendation of my partner, having not driven for a considerable length of time. Jackie was brilliant; patient, calm and offering excellent advice and points of reference in all areas of driving. She really helped instil confidence in getting back on the road and feeling comfortable driving again. Her guidance, in conjunction with the LD system of workbooks etc was very valuable. Would highly recommend.

Jasmin Spires HarroldJasmin Spires Harrold
Passed on 2nd attempt
I was very anxious about driving after a previous bad experience, but Jackie put me at ease instantly. Every lesson Jackie was calm, patient and incredibly organised. I was always aware of where I was making good progress and where I needed to practise. I left each lesson confident that I had made good development in my driving and she always ended the lesson on a positive. The resources provided by Jackie, including the LDC theory test prep and the laminated maps she used as reference in classes were incredibly useful for me as it really helped me to visualise what I needed to do next. I would 100% recommend Jackie as a driving instructor to friends, family and colleagues.

Cree SummersCree Summers
Passed on 2nd attempt
Honestly, having tried others, Jackie is the best driving instructor I've ever had. Her patience and warmth when it comes to teaching (especially nervous drivers like me) really puts you at ease. Forever recommend!

Elle RofeElle Rofe
Understanding and patient instructor
It was very beneficial working with Jackie as we were able to adapt efficiently to the fact that I had had previous instructors and were quickly able to pick up my lessons and proceed to broaden my skills. She was very understanding and patient with my situation and made a noticeable effort to ensure that I fully understood everything that was taught to me. She had no issue with receiving input from me in terms of what I felt I needed to practice as well as encouraging me to try out new things. The resources given to me when I started learning with her were also very useful as I was able to further my knowledge and understanding even when not in the car. Furthermore, I admired the encouragement to use other online resources such as videos as I am a visual learner so it made it a lot easier to grasp particularly difficult areas. She was able to take into account my learning needs as an individual and went out of her way to incorporate new routines and learning methods into our lessons which was very much appreciated. Whilst I had taken my theory test prior to learning with Jackie, the resources provided, particularly the LDC workbooks, were still very helpful in revisiting areas of study and vastly improved my awareness on the road.

Charlotte DanceCharlotte Dance
Passed on 2nd attempt
Jackie has been an amazing instructor. She is patient, kind and makes you feel very comfortable in the lessons. She also helped massively with my nerves. She explains everything clearly and gives you constructive feedback finishing the lesson with a clear plan for the next one. I couldn't recommend her more.

Joe GoodsellJoe Goodsell
Passed 1st Time
Jackie was very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. She gave me great confidence that I would learn all of the skills, driving best practices and necessary methods to ensure I could pass my test. Her lessons were varied, extremely well planned and took into account the areas that I wanted to practise. We evaluated each lesson together and made targets for the following lessons - this allowed me to make best use of the lesson time. She has exceptional knowledge of Eastbourne and the surrounding areas, which meant I felt confident that I could deal with all manner of driving situations. Jackie was always punctual, professional and great at communicating both during and between lessons. She was able to offer a number of extra lessons leading up to my test, and was able to book it for me to allow for flexibility, had I needed to change the date. It was clear from the start that she was heavily invested in my success, which was the most important thing. The LDC workbook was also a valuable resource for all of the driving theory and preparation before my test.

Penny CaffreyPenny Caffrey
Passed 1st Time
Thank you for being an amazing instructor and for being patient with me overcoming my nerves on the road. Jackie made me feel calm in each lesson, everything is explained clearly and each lesson planned and structured. The online resources were extremely helpful in passing my theory test as well as the maps and diagrams for explaining junctions and roundabouts. Jackie was very flexible with lessons, working around my work and family commitments, and when it came nearer to my test, squeezing in extra lessons on Sundays so I could get in the extra practice I needed leading up to the big day and my first time pass! I am so grateful for all of your help Jackie, you truly are the best!

Anna BransonAnna Branson
Passed 1st Time
Jackie has been consistently kind, patient and thoughtful in her lesson planning and execution. From my first lesson, when she drove me across the road so I could practice on quiet roads and get to grips with the car controls, to my last lesson, the lesson planning was a cooperative exercise where my contributions and wishes were understood. She always took my worries and ideas into account and adjusted our lesson schedule around my A-Level commitments. If I made a mistake, she remained calm and gave me clear and concise feedback that reassured me and ensured I always felt comfortable in the driver's seat! I never felt worried about asking questions and always felt that I'd received a clear answer. Her friendly nature meant I felt relaxed when driving and able to have a conversation, which has been really great in building my confidence when driving alone or with family/friends. The LDC workbook has also been great as it meant I had access to clear and relevant instructions that I could refer to when practising in my own time. Thank you so much Jackie.

Nathan LeonardNathan Leonard
Passed on 2nd attempt
Jackie was an excellent instructor due to how patient and understanding she was whenever I made a mistake. Her feedback is always fair and helps you understand how best to improve on your mistakes. Jackie is also fun to talk to and easy to get along with. I always felt safe with her in the car due to her having special passenger side dual control clutch and brake pedals. The LDC workbook was useful for learning the show me tell me questions and other facts which were helpful for the theory test.

Adam SmithAdam Smith
Passed 1st Time
Jackie has been an excellent driving instructor to me. To start with I was very unsure about my driving ability but over time and through the lessons I had, I built up my confidence. As a result driving became more fun for me. Before I took the test the previous lessons had gone very well and I felt that Jackie had helped iron out any weaknesses of mine as I was making less mistakes and more progress. The lessons were structured by focusing around what I needed to improve on and what I needed to learn which was very effective. Jackie was also very supportive and kind to me throughout our sessions and I never felt overwhelmed with pressure. Overall my confidence has improved greatly when it comes to driving which is mainly down to Jackie. I would give a rating of 5 stars out of 5!

Chloe LangfordChloe Langford
Passed 1st Time
Jackie is a remarkable teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Since driving with Jackie she has always taken the time to find out how I learn and what works best for me in order to adapt lessons to suit me. Jackie is patient, friendly and supportive and a naturally gifted teacher. The online resources and LDC workbook were very informative and helpful for both theory and practical tests. It has been an absolute pleasure learning with Jackie and she helped me to pass first time and become confident in my driving. Jackie is excellent at what she does and I am sure she will help many other learners become competent and confident drivers.

Lucy AlbuquerqueLucy Albuquerque
Passed 1st Time
Jackie is an amazing instructor! She was always supportive and I always felt comfortable in her lessons. She makes each and every lesson enjoyable. The materials that were provided by her made the process of learning to drive easier to understand and put into practice.

Isaac OyarzabalIsaac Oyarzabal
Passed 1st Time
Jackie was extremely helpful and informative during lessons and if there was anything I struggled with she quickly offered alternatives to help me progress. In addition, the LDC workbook was very useful for going back through anything covered in lessons and especially useful for information about the practical test.

Jenny Gaitskell
Refresher lessons got me back on the road
Jackie is a brilliant instructor, an amazing coach, and lessons with her are such fun too! In our first hour, Jackie got me from horrible anxiety about driving to excitement for the next lesson. Jackie explains everything so clearly, with infectious enthusiasm. Her teaching and encouragement have rebuilt my skills and confidence, so that after years of not driving I'm back on the road. I wholeheartedly recommend taking driving lessons with Jackie.

Caleb ScottCaleb Scott
Passed 1st Time
Overall I am pleased with my experience of learning to drive with Jackie. I had set a goal to pass before my A-Level exams and my instructor made this easy. The lessons were well structured and enjoyable. We reviewed learning at the end of each lesson which was really helpful in showing me what I needed to improve on.

Elliott CollictElliott Collict
Passed 1st Time
My instructor Jackie was very good and always calm and good at explaining everything I needed to know. The LDC workbook was very helpful, especially when revising the 'Show Me Tell Me' questions. I had already passed my theory test when I started lessons with Jackie so didn't use any of the online resources. I would highly recommend my instructor to anyone.

Nathan HarrisNathan Harris
Passed 1st Time
Jackie is an amazing instructor as she is patient, explains things clearly and knows how to make you feel confident on the road. I always came away from lessons feeling my driving was progressing and never felt out of my depth when learning new skills and manoeuvres. Jackie's use of diagrams and maps was also extremely helpful when negotiating roundabouts and less well known areas. The LDC system works very well and I liked the way the driving skills book had lots of tips and diagrams to assist with learning. The online resources to help with theory test preparation were also very helpful. I am so glad I had Jackie as my instructor and am extremely grateful to her for helping me achieve a first time pass. Thank you Jackie!

Rika HandayaniRika Handayani
Supportive and patient instructor
Jackie has been fantastic from the beginning until the test day. She gave me the LDC workbook which was really helpful and also the online theory test practice for theory test preparation. During our lessons she gave me the push I needed to pass the practical test. Thanks to her support and patience, I have got my confidence on the road again. Such a warm, friendly and informative instructor! Would highly recommend to anyone.

Abigail CoxAbigail Cox
Passed 1st Time
I would highly recommend Jackie for anyone who is looking for a patient, caring and kind driving instructor. Despite many changes in plans (two lockdowns and an abrupt move to uni), Jackie was always accommodating and constantly had my best interests at heart. Not only did she help find solutions to these changes, but she also supported me along the way. My lessons have been really fun, and I will miss our catch ups each week! Jackie, along with LDC's program, helped me to feel prepared to do both my theory and practical test and really improved my confidence in myself and my driving. Every week I knew I was entering into a safe environment, where I was allowed to thrive, make mistakes and learn from them. Jackie always had time to answer my constant lists of questions and would always ensure I understood the answers before moving on. Thank you for all your help!

Isaac ScottIsaac Scott
Passed 1st Time
My driving experience with Jackie was an experience I won't forget. In our lessons manoeuvres and procedures were excellently explained. Jackie as an instructor is really easy to talk to and get along with, which made the whole experience much easier and more memorable. I'm glad I chose Jackie Hewess and LDC to learn how to drive and pass my test.

Jessica FrisbyJessica Frisby
Passed on 2nd attempt
Jackie really does go the extra mile for her students. She has been a brilliant, patient, flexible and supportive instructor from the stalling starts to the joyous pass! I highly recommend Jackie as a driving instructor. I think we struck gold finding her. The additional online resources that Jackie provided helped my daughter quickly through her theory test. The handbook gave us insight to the structure of the lessons. Knowing what was coming next helped us know what to work on when practising between lessons too. Saying that, if there was something Jess wanted to go over again, Jackie was more than willing to help. Friendly, reliable and punctual too. Have recommended Jackie to friends and already put my other daughter's name down for later on this year!

Archie BlaberArchie Blaber
Passed 1st Time
I'm so pleased I passed my test first time and I couldn't have done it without Jackie's help, patience and attention to detail. Jackie made the whole learning experience very enjoyable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Thanks Jackie!

Sid SymondsSid Symonds
Passed 1st Time
Jackie is incredibly flexible in adapting methods to suit specific learning styles which enabled me to learn, practise and apply skills. She is perceptive to emotional wellbeing and behavioural responses during lessons and will always discuss and put any struggles into a context, for further discussion and for ways forward. Jackie encouraged me to use my LD workbook, watch videos and gave consistent feedback which supported best methods to support my dyslexia. In preparation for my test, I also watched LD You Tube videos of other people taking their tests, in order to gain a greater insight into the whole experience. Jackie has an amazing sense of humour which really supported building a positive relationship and enabled me to make significant progress; this has been fundamental to me being able to pass my driving test and I am really grateful for her time and patience.

Katie AllenKatie Allen
Patient instructor
I couldn't recommend Jackie enough. After a long break from driving she helped me feel comfortable driving again and confident enough to pass my test. She's a great instructor if you're nervous or worried about driving. The LDC workbook and online portal were also really helpful in preparing for the theory test and lessons. Very grateful for Jackie's patience and encouragement, I wouldn't have passed without her!

Georgia CollinghamGeorgia Collingham
Passed on 2nd attempt
My driving lesson experience was fantastic from the get go. Jackie instantly made me feel at ease and massively helped with my confidence. Jackie builds a positive relationship with you so there is no pressure when in the lesson, only support. Although I didn't pass my first test, Jackie kept my motivation up which led to me doing my second test with ease and inevitably passing with a low number of minors. Jackie is very patient and supportive which is key when needing an instructor. The LDC theory test preparation was a life-saver. It really helped me pass. What was especially helpful was that Jackie could see my results and therefore help me in the areas I was struggling with. I would and will recommend Jackie to everyone that needs an instructor.

Lilly KnightLilly Knight
Passed 1st Time
I can honestly say that Jackie has hands-down been the best instructor I could ask for. Her style of teaching is great and her patience is admirable! I had a different instructor 6 years before, but did not make much progress due to the disjointed teaching style and not have the opportunity to reflect on what I had learnt. With Jackie and the LDC curriculum, I learned everything I needed in a systematic and progressive way and had the opportunity to ask many questions (and Jackie would always have time for my countless queries). Jackie has made me actually begin to enjoy driving and has given me the confidence to go on and continue driving. 10/10, 5 stars. Thank you for everything Jackie!

Lois BrewerLois Brewer
Passed on 2nd attempt
Jackie is a great instructor who is always patient and lets you pick your own pace whilst learning. I never felt pressured or worried as I got to choose what I personally wanted to work on each lesson. Always friendly and up for a chat, which always put me at ease. The LD system online and the workbook was also super helpful, especially for the theory test. Would highly recommend!!

James WardJames Ward
Passed 1st Time
My instructor was friendly and easy to understand. She had a calm approach towards our lessons. Jackie gave good, clear instructions and explanations that I could follow. The LD workbook was helpful and gave me a lot of information on what the examiners were looking for such as 'show me tell me' questions and lots more. Jackie would also tell me what to practise so I could work on my skills between our lessons.

Honey Overs-PearsonHoney Overs-Pearson
Passed 1st Time
I couldn't have chosen a better instructor than Jackie. She was extremely helpful and calm which helped me feel more relaxed when learning. She also kept me updated and was very helpful throughout the lockdowns. Jackie was a brilliant instructor and I will definitely recommend her to friends. I think she gave me enough confidence to pass first time! The student-centred LD system is a useful resource. It definitely helped me pass both my theory and practical driving tests.

Joshua WheelerJoshua Wheeler
Passed 1st Time
I can't recommend Jackie enough. I've had experiences of instructors that have put me off continuing my learning, I wish I had gone to Jackie sooner! Professionalism and patience are at the core of her teaching, which doesn't just aim to get you through the test but make you a confident and safe driver. Our lessons were interrupted by three lockdowns and despite a break of over 6 months in the car Jackie knew exactly how to analyse what needed more work and give advice which enabled me pass first time.

Rachel O'ReillyRachel O'Reilly
Passed 1st Time
I was a very reluctant and anxious late starter to driving due to bad previous experiences, but starting with Jackie at 34 years old couldn't have gone better. Jackie put me at ease straight away with her calm approach. She gradually pushed me further, building up my confidence. The LDC book and online resources were great for helping with the theory and practical tests, and perfect for reading in between lessons. If it hadn't have been for Jackie, I'm not sure I would have continued and now passed the practical driving test. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jackie and LDC. I'm looking forward to booking Pass Plus in the new year. Thank you Jackie!

Tessa PugsleyTessa Pugsley
Passed 1st Time
Jackie helped me overcome all my driving issues and pass first time! She is patient, clear and always kind. Jackie offers positive feedback, tackling problems without ruining your confidence. I had a lot of problems with understanding the basics of driving and Jackie painstakingly went over and over things with me until I finally had my light bulb moment! That combined with the LDC handbook and Jackie's print-outs of roundabouts etc helped me visualise certain manoeuvres I found tricky, roundabouts and so on. I don't think I would have passed my theory without the handbook and online tests. I highly, highly recommend Jackie.

Rosie PeapellRosie Peapell
Passed 1st Time in own car
My instructor was brilliant and I had a great experience learning to drive. All the resources provided were very informative and helped me progress through my theory and practical tests with ease. I will definitely be recommending LDC to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Many thanks to Jackie for all her help and support.

Lian BakerLian Baker
Student centred approach
Learning to drive with Jackie has been a delight. Her background in teaching makes her one of a kind in her ability to teach concepts clearly, adapt to your nerves and anxieties, and create a clear and structured plan to a successful pass. Throughout my time learning to drive, Jackie has been incredibly calm, accommodating, and understanding. She has always made our lessons feel positive and has kept me feeling motivated. The student centred approach is fantastic at building your confidence and judgement skills, which will be of great benefit to independent driving in the future. I will miss our weekly lessons together, but am so pleased I have passed! Thank you Jackie!

Saskia Lambert-RussellSaskia Lambert-Russell
Passed on 2nd attempt
I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Jackie, I felt very comfortable with her and confident. I never felt pressured to do anything I didn’t feel I was confident enough to do and I have recommended her to everyone that’s asked. I also found the LDC workbook and online system really helpful to help me pass my theory first time, and my practical test second time. I used the book to read through if I’d forgotten some information and actually read it on the morning of my test!

Amanda GregersenAmanda Gregersen
Passed 1st Time
I highly recommend Jackie as a driving instructor - I am so grateful that with her ongoing support I have managed to secure a first time pass on my driving test as well as learning many useful driving skills that I will always remember for the future! It's been an absolute pleasure and I could not recommend LDC/Jackie enough for all her patience and hard work. Thank you so much!

Helen Albea
Refresher lessons
I did a refresher course with Jackie and really enjoyed all of our lessons together. I am a nervous driver and Jackie was very patient and understanding. She adapted each lesson to build my confidence in any areas I was unsure of and her friendly, calm manner put me at ease. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive or to improve their skills and confidence.

Chloe HookChloe Hook
Passed 1st time.
Jackie was very friendly and easy to get on with, her calmness allowed me to relax and focus when driving. I found the LDC textbook useful when preparing for my test. I would recommend Jackie to anyone who is thinking of learning.

Brendan HarrisBrendan Harris
Passed 1st time.
Jackie is a really good instructor as she's patient, calm, friendly and tells you what you need to do clearly. I felt completely at ease in lessons and always looked forward to them. The LDC theory preparation is very useful as it has lots of resources for you to use and shows you what the actual theory test will be like. The mock tests are particularly useful because they show you what you must study if you get questions wrong. I think the LD system is very good as it clearly shows you the different areas of driving skills and the targets show you what is involved in the different manoeuvres and types of driving. The instructions are very clear and tell you how to complete tasks eg: Getting Moving and Parallel Parking etc. Thank you Jackie!

Jade BurchJade Burch
Passed 1st time.
Considering my previous experiences of learning to drive and the fact that I hadn't had much luck with another instructor, Jackie was able to provide me with the reassurance and the confidence that I needed which ultimately led to my first time pass! Things that I found useful included: Jackie's willingness to structure the lessons around what I felt I needed to work on. I wasn't pressured into taking the test, we both decided on when the time was right and Jackie was very honest in regards to this, meaning that no money was wasted! Jackie's teaching style, this was something I really struggled with in the past with other instructors. I would 100% recommend Jackie to any new or partially experienced drivers (like myself) as she really helped me to regain my confidence in driving.

Ewan HazeltineEwan Hazeltine
Passed 1st time.
Jackie always acts calmly and patiently. Even when mistakes are made, she never shows any anger or annoyance, unlike many stories I've heard about other instructors. Her use of diagrams and step by step guidance gave me confidence and I never felt like I was in too deep. At the same time, the difficulty and progress was quick enough that I never got bored. It's also very helpful having the LDC book and online theory practice to track progress and save lesson time by learning on my own. Jackie was always encouraging, full of helpful advice and incredibly friendly. Thank you very much!

Laurien WoodgateLaurien Woodgate
Brilliant driving instructor
Jackie has been a brilliant driving instructor. You can tell she used to be a teacher because she explains everything so clearly and patiently that it really helps you to pick things up easily. Jackie went through everything I needed to learn for the test in a very systematic and clear way, this definitely helped me to pass my recent test with only 4 minor faults! I've really enjoyed learning to drive with Jackie. She is very easy to chat to and has made the lessons an enjoyable experience and I feel I've learnt really good skills too. Thank you Jackie!

Frazer KnowlesFrazer Knowles
Amazing driving instructor
Jackie is an amazing driving instructor I would recommend to anyone! Really easy to contact compared to other instructors in the area. She made me feel very comfortable from the start and has an amazing presence that makes you feel at ease and relaxed during something that can be quite stressful. Had many laughs during my learning experience which also helps. Nothing worse than having someone who doesn't have a sense of humour! Jackie has some amazing teaching styles (must have been from her experience as a teacher) which caters to everyone. Lessons are not 'do this, do that', it's more of a learning experience and a discovery. The book also helps with learning, allowing you to reflect on the lessons. I can't recommend LDC - Jackie enough. And thank you personally for getting me to not just pass standard, but an even better and safer driver!

Kimberley LockyerKimberley Lockyer
Passed 1st time.
Jackie is a fantastic driving instructor and has continuously made me feel comfortable right from the start! I have really enjoyed my experience learning to drive with Jackie. With her calm nature and experience as a teacher, she has enabled me to feel confident during each lesson and built my lessons around my strengths to help me pass my test first time with just 4 minors. She has been so supportive and such an amazing teacher! I really couldn’t have done it without her and I appreciate all of the help that she has given me. I would definitely recommend Jackie to anyone and everyone.

Kimberley Lockyer
Fantastic driving instructor.
Jackie is a fantastic driving instructor and I would 100% recommend her. She is patient, considerate, calm and explains everything with visuals which makes it very easy to understand. Jackie is very professional yet friendly and has a great sense of humour which is fantastic when you make an error as it is never a problem as she guides you through! Learning through LDC is brilliant because you get a workbook which allows you to follow your own path to prepare for your test. I find the topic target section of the book extremely useful as it also allows you to plan your next lesson. Each section of the driving skills workbook is broken down with visuals, revision materials and a quiz, which are brilliant for pre and post lesson evaluation. Learning with Jackie at LDC is the right choice to make, so if you are considering learning to drive, you couldn't choose a more reliable instructor in my opinion.

Laurien Woodgate
Good teacher
Jackie is a very good teacher and takes the time to explain things clearly, using diagrams when needed. She explains things clearly and enthusiastically and you can tell she has lots of experience teaching. The LDC workbook is useful as it has diagrams of manoeuvres and scenarios that you can see ahead of a lesson to get prepared. Her car feels very comfortable to drive and is similar to the car I will be driving when I pass.